Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why everyone needs to Stop, Ask, and Listen

From CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly:


  1. Tim,
    I read your article in the CSCMP Qtly. Also checked your LinkedIn and see you have an excellent and experienced background.
    It triggered my thinking to back track over my own career and the choices I made or sometimes had to make along the way. Many learning’s for sure.
    I did my apprenticeship in mechanical then industrial engineering in UK then moved to Xerox UK then luckily over to California and Silicon Valley with Xerox. That lasted 2.5 years than I was headhunted for the first time. Some recruiters and better and care more than others was a learning for sure. This became the start of a very wild ride that has been sometimes good (Apple) and sometimes not so good (startups that failed with 12 mth's). This is why I think mentoring and sharing career learning’s with others is so critical.
    Give professionals the chance to really understand the art of what they are best at and making sure the choices that are made ultimately lead to success and really having a journey that is the reward.
    You hit on many key points and along my Journey I have taken many risks and whether right or wrong I did learn and discovered what I am "best at" along the way.
    I have a strong corporate background but always wanted to be a leader/entrepreneur so I took the risk and jumped in the consulting/professional services deep end when I thought I had enough experience. Yes for sure a risk. I focused on helping clients large and smaller solve problems and grow their businesses acting as a dynamic resource to provide an injection of needed help and change.
    I have learned that as you mention you have to keep learning (Peter Senge and systems thinking/learning organizations have helped me most) and understand that you are as good as your last success.
    I learned that "sales and business development ability is equivalent to sleep" and today I use a model I like to call the sell/recruit/do (great work) model. Totally try to look after customers and spend the time to continually build people and company networks and relationships.
    Thanks for your comments I am sure they will be helpful for many who want and need career guidance.

  2. Thank you, Nigel. I appreciate your comments and commend you for taking the jump into entrepreneur. Best wishes for continued success and growth.